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GKD Architectural Mesh

Mesh Types

Metal meshes can be assigned to the three groups of cable mesh, PC mesh and spiral mesh based on their production process. With this diverse product portfolio, you can always find the right mesh for your architectural application at GKD.

Cable meshes are the most versatile stainless steel meshes for the field of architecture. They are made of stainless steel ribbon wires (warp wire), which are interwoven with round stainless steel wires (weft wire). With mesh elements up to 30 m long and up to 8 m wide, large façade and wall cladding installations can be achieved. Depending on the function, security, transparency, wind and sun protection requirements can be met.

  • Many cable meshes are available on reels in widths of up to 6 m.
  • Cable meshes are, for example, ideal for roller blinds or roll-up solar protection elements Depending on the mesh type, metal meshes boast excellent solar properties – particularly when the sun is high in the sky.
  • Even emergency exit stairwells, the Cinderella of architecture, can become eye-catchers with cable mesh.
  • The Omega meshes enjoy a special place among the cable meshes. With this type, it is possible to produce different apertures within a woven web.
  • With all stainless steel cable meshes, the weft wires can be color-coated.
  • GKD has developed special fixing elements for all cable meshes.

PC meshes are produced in stainless steel and aluminium. The designation PC comes from the term “pre-crimped”. These metal meshes are made of monofilament wires in both directions. At least one wire direction is crimped.

  • Many PC meshes are stocked in standard dimensions of 3 x 1 m and 2.5 x 1.25 m.
  • Due to their panel-like appearance, rigid meshes are ideally suited to ceilings or panelling between balustrades, depending on the material.
  • In connection with the CMP system, aluminum meshes such as Alu 6010 are predestined for use in acoustic ceilings.
  • With the Safemesh balustrade system in combination with Atlantic, PC-Omega, PC-Sambesi and PC-Tigris meshes, GKD offers a certified system in compliance with the ITB guideline.
  • Since many PC meshes have the same look as the corresponding cable meshes, e.g. PC-Omega and Omega, this allows a homogeneous design of façades and balustrades.
  • PC meshes are mounted either using one of the systems described above or in a frame that is dimensioned in line with the respective building’s static requirements.

Spiral meshes are available in stainless steel and aluminum. The metal meshes are produced from flat ribbon spirals, which are connected to a straight or crimped round rod.

  • All spiral meshes are produced to order and are therefore not kept in stock.
  • GKD offers two product lines:
  • Escale spiral mesh: Escale 7×1, Escale 5×1. Thanks to a special connection process, metal meshes made of Escale 7×1 are ideally suited to applications requiring visually seamless cladding of three-dimensional objects.
  • Licorne spiral mesh: 13a, 21a, 24a (a=aluminum) 18i, 26i, 27i (i=inox/stainless steel). Architectural meshes in the Licorne range are mainly used indoors or as roll-up solar protection.
  • The slide-in flat profile with clevis screws is the recommended attachment method, particularly for larger elements.
GKD Architectural Mesh

Mesh Systems

GKD offers a wide range of certified architectural mesh systems that are optimally matched to one another and provide architects with planning security, while also giving end customers the security of knowing that they will get top quality from a single source.

The Silentmesh acoustic ceiling system, available with either stainless steel mesh or aluminum mesh, opens up versatile architectural design options. Furthermore, the ceiling systems made of standard elements as well as grid ceilings and freely formed island ceilings ensure a high degree of room-based acoustic comfort. Composite mesh (CMP mesh) made of metal mesh and aluminum honeycomb plate guarantees sag-free structures for large, grid-free suspended ceilings.

The Atlantic Glow architectural mesh optimizes lighting in modern offices. Conventional ceiling materials quickly reach their limits when good interior lighting performance needs to be combined with sound absorption. Bartenbach GmbH, one of the world’s leading lighting designers, and GKD AG therefore chose to collaborate and develop the innovative design mesh Atlantic Glow.

More information on metal mesh ceiling system.

Why choose solar protection with metal mesh? Because this material allows as much sunlight as possible to be utilized while also offering protection from the glare of the sun. The use of artificial light is therefore minimized. Transparent metal mesh solar protection thus also ensures the optimal energy balance of buildings.

Modern workplace design starts with planning a well-thought-out building shell and functional solar protection. After all, employees require glare-free monitor workplaces that still enable views to the outside. Besides creating a pleasant working atmosphere, modern solar protection with metal mesh plays a key part in supporting sustainable energy efficiency concepts in buildings.

Advantages of GKD solar protection systems:

  • Thermal comfort – protection from overheating in summer
  • Use of solar heat gains during the heating period
  • Glare protection
  • Daylight usage and visual contact to the outside world

New: innovative solar control mesh – specially developed for even more efficient solar protection on façades: Solar Omega.

GKD metal mesh for staircases and balustrades: safety and design take center stage. Whether individual mesh solutions or our SAFEMESH modular system, our stainless steel meshes provide visual highlights while also meeting safety requirements in building design, for example when used as fall guard protection.

The various mesh types always provide for the perfect solution: for example, since wire meshes are flexible, they also follow the gradient of staircases.

GKD metal mesh for roller shutters: Roller shutters and doors made of GKD architectural mesh impress with both their aesthetics and functionality. They effectively protect segregated areas from unauthorized access or serve as an optical access barrier. Depending on the model chosen, both systems are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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